Hand Washup!


Combine water and soap to defeat the germs in this funny game powered by Aqualogy to promote handwashing, regarding the Global Handwashing Day.

Hand Washup! can be played online at the website LavadoDeManos.es. The purpose of the game is both entertaining and educational.

A classic match-three puzzle game featuring a double trouble through combinations of different water and soap elements to get both energy bars completely full. Water elements matches fill the water bar, and soap elements matches fill the soap bar. “Special bubbles” can be formed by matching a combination of 4 or more. Meanwhile, dangerous germs will appear on board to add to the challenge. Try to kill’em All! Killing germs will power up your matches. A level is completed when both bars (water and soap) are completely full. Once a level is completed, an educational message will be shown, so the player will be learning while playing.

Watch the gameplay video!

Play Hand Washup! online, challenge your friends and try to enter your name into the High score table!